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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Not much needs to be said about the following website we came across.  Ronney, if you are out there, she is hunting you down!

Text from site:

March 20, 2005
Former celebrated NFL kick returner, and now Canadian Football Leaguer Ronney Jenkins, has failed to pay me back the $2,380.24 I lent him while he was left broke between his disgraceful dismissal from the Oakland Raiders, and his subsequent pre-season cut from the New Orleans Saints. (Where he blew the money he received from his stint with the San Diego chargers, and the juicy tidbits that occured during our sordid relationship last summer, I will save for my memoirs if that's what it will take.) After several futile attempts to collect my money, he has left me two choices. I can either drag it through the court system (which, as he has said, he would make difficult for me as he would intentionally not return to the U.S. to avoid being served), or I can take it upon myself to be creative.
I have chosen the latter.
Thus, this deadbeat's domain name, "", is now for sale for exactly $2,380.24.... (US dollars of course, not including tax). I accept PayPal.
Contact me when you're ready to buy:


Sledge said...

Great article, Molotov. 2005 was a good year...

Sledge said...

I guess Ronney Jenkins couldn't care less, since the site is still up. I wonder if that lady ever took it to court...

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