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Friday, November 5, 2010

Force Your Offspring to be Gay

Read all about how this lady pressured her son into being ridiculed, even though she recognized that he probably would be. And then got defensive when people called her out on it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This week in traffic.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Better late than never

As promised in this post . Here is the picture promised in this post.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Some people enjoy drinking mate. PMATE is not used for drinking anything.

Yes. This is real. Click HERE to see instructions... and for more information.
( )

Real Woman Are All Whores?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Logic Wins, Twilight Loses

Perhaps he turned into a vampire with wood... hence no need for blood flow... --Sledge

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Caption this...

Here is a new feature we call caption this.  We like to see your funny comments as well.  So, caption this:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whatch'u talkin bout Willis!

Here is a random post.  My buddy sent me this picture a couple of years ago.  Apparently the famous actor had a fairly short stint working in the call center of my friend's company.  He was let go soon after this pic.  Too bad, I would have let him work as long as he said, "Whatch'u talkin bout Willis" when he came to work every morning.  I am sure he would have loved that.  RIP Mr. Coleman!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ride Restrictions

Man Enough?

I have heard of height restrictions for amusement park rides, but this is a new one.  Not exactly sure what the sign is tryng to tell me.  Perhaps cups are required on this ride.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bella, may the force be with you?

So I broke down and surprised my wife with tickets to Eclipse.  Everyone told me it was action packed and much better than the previous two Twighlight movies.  Action?!  I am sure you have seen the joke going around about how Eclipse is like a soccer game, blah, blah, blah.  Ya, that is the only thing close to action, and it wasn't Edward and Jake didn't even come close.  As far as it being better than the previous two episodes in this, I am so glad I didn't see them.  I can't imagine how terrible they must be if the latest installment is much better.  That being said, my gesture of taking my wife worked out well for me in the end.

To the point of this post.  As I was watching Sharkboy (Jake, yes he is indeed the same actor from Shark Boy and Lava Girl) declare he would love Bella until her heart stopped beating, I thought to myself, I have seen this before.  Well Star Wars fans, you can rip Twighlight no more.

Exhibit A:  (Please tell me you can't see Jake, Eddie and Bella delivering these lines with the same gusto)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For the record, Molotov is Team Alice!!

In honor of the release of the new Twilight Movie, an oldie but a goody! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Not much needs to be said about the following website we came across.  Ronney, if you are out there, she is hunting you down!

Text from site:

March 20, 2005
Former celebrated NFL kick returner, and now Canadian Football Leaguer Ronney Jenkins, has failed to pay me back the $2,380.24 I lent him while he was left broke between his disgraceful dismissal from the Oakland Raiders, and his subsequent pre-season cut from the New Orleans Saints. (Where he blew the money he received from his stint with the San Diego chargers, and the juicy tidbits that occured during our sordid relationship last summer, I will save for my memoirs if that's what it will take.) After several futile attempts to collect my money, he has left me two choices. I can either drag it through the court system (which, as he has said, he would make difficult for me as he would intentionally not return to the U.S. to avoid being served), or I can take it upon myself to be creative.
I have chosen the latter.
Thus, this deadbeat's domain name, "", is now for sale for exactly $2,380.24.... (US dollars of course, not including tax). I accept PayPal.
Contact me when you're ready to buy:

Blogging Virgins!

So we are new to this whole blogging scene.  Someone told us about Wobble over Wednsday , so hopefully someone will be our first follower.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't you wish your boyfriend was an A**hole like me?

Ever wonder why some girls always land the guys that are DBags? I have. I just assumed it was because there are women who like a man who can relate to what it feels like to get waxed, or that they are such hard workers--going door-to-door selling for that summer sales company. I've been baffled that girls would do anything for a ride in the jacked-up truck (despite not being able to climb into them by themselves)--not seeming to care that it will likely get repoed before the summer's end... This is one of the great mysteries of life. How do some girls always land the A**holes? Well, I have found the answer, The Complete A**Holes guide to Handling Chicks. I wonder if there are window stickers of the cover art in the back of the book, with wings of course.

[Side note: I seriously saw the truck described above today. Really? I will post pictures of it soon.]

Friday, June 18, 2010


While reading the news the other day, I was instantly reminded of watching Batman re-runs as a boy when I came across the following graphic:

For those who have lost close family members in a plane crash, nothing says plane crash than the Batman fighting Riddler graphic.

The title to the article for which the graphic was being used was "Pilot suffers minor injuries in Richfield plane crash". I may not know much about plane crashes, but I can tell you this much, if you get nuked out of the sky, you aren't walking away with minor injuries. I never realized that Islamic Radicals had infiltrated Richfield, Utah. Damn that Iran Contra Scandal!!

Looks like some of those who made comments on this story were thinking along the same lines.

The article:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lawnblower (KSL)

(This was a real post--not by us, but still genius)

Piece of Crap - Craftsman 21" 5.5hp Mower
Bluffdale, UT 84065 - Jun 2, 2010

You know you want it...

The Devil's very own Craftsman 21" 5.5 HP Self-propelled Lawnmower. Yes, that is correct, this is in fact Satan's lawn mower. Manufactured in Hell and shipped via the S.S. Titanic to a Sears store where I bought it.

This lawnmower is no ordinary lawnmower. No. I had hoped to buy an ordinary lawnmower, but instead got this pile of trash.

The sticker on the top indicates that it has a Honda engine. The funny thing is we all know that there is no way that Honda ever built that engine. It is really a Volkswagen engine assembled in Nazi Germany by Hitler himself.

The 5.5 HP engine is so powerful that you might wonder what HP stands for. Well that's horsepower. Cause it turns out that by horsepower, Craftsman really means Shetland Pony power. And by Shetland Pony power, they actually mean "Not really alive anymore Shetland Pony Power." You'd really have more luck harnessing a couple of cats to the front and having them pull it.

The sticker also indicates that it is the "Quietest and Lightest" engine available. This is surely a scientific claim verified by a couple deaf body-builders, because the only thing it is quieter and lighter than is a 1965 Lincoln Continental that is missing its exhaust system.

Conveniently, the gas tank that holds exactly enough gas to mow 95% of your yard without needing a refill, and was painted red by Mussolini or Kim Jong Ill, I'm not sure which.

The hardened steel cutting blades is as sharp as it was when it came out of the factory, and while it wont actually cut grass, it will cut things like match box cars, children's yard toys, and every other sprinkler head in my yard.

This mower mulches or bags. Neither of which it actually really does. It has a side discharge flap that is built of super strong plastic made with a couple melted Ziploc bags. And it NEVER EVER just randomly falls off when you are mowing, covering your face and body with lawn clippings. Who would ever design a mower that would do that? No not even a bitter UAW union worker that was forced to build this piece of crap when he really wanted to be at the Detroit Lions game.

The lawnmower's favorite movies are, "Thelma and Louse," "Fried Green Tomatoes," and "Beaches." It once went to see "Saw IV," but had to leave the theater because it got too scared seeing things getting cut.

The oil was last changed sometime during the Clinton administration. But, that said, the lawnmower does come with a lifetime of free oil-changes* (*To redeem your oil changes please contact BP in the Gulf of Mexico, or proceed directly to Pensacola Beach and scoop up a lifetime of free oil.)

This lawnmower has actually achieved Sainthood, when in 2002 it mowed a twenty foot strip of lawn without having the bag chute get clogged! This miracle, though it has never happened again, was witnessed by a 12 year old boy. For more details, contact his local priest. Well on second thought, don't. He didn't do anything to that kid. The worst he ever did was maybe watch a couple of episodes of Family Guy. And he is not a pervert. Instead please contact the former Cardinal Ratzinger who will vehemently deny all allegations.

This lawnmower has hardly been used. Any part that was actually used has been replaced because its superior construction and design allow for you to change out quality plastic parts over and over that should have been metal but they were to cheap to use it.

This lawn mower was actually made for a princess to mow her yard made out of cotton candy.

Because of the quality construction, you are the lucky individual that will get this "like new" lawnmower to learn such valuable things about a lawnmower than you never wanted to learn, like:

1) "Guaranteed to start with a single pull" would be true if it had a string long enough to hook to an Atlas V rocket that is going to the moon.

2) "Adjustable-height mowing deck" manages to always scalp part of your lawn any way you adjust it.

3) "Easy Attach Bagger" locks that pesky grass in the bag so that no matter how hard you shake it, that grass will be stuck in there until you finally give up trying to get it out.

The throttle cable is currently broken. I just jammed a screwdriver in there this last time to mow with it. Worked better than usual.

I considered hooking it to the back of my car with a rope and driving it down I-15 at 130mph, but instead want to offer the chance for someone else to feel my pain and am selling it to a "deserving" home. One that might have a yard covered completely in rocks or dead grass.

$100 for this little piece of history.

Sledge: Kudos, my friend. Well played.

The Breast Deal in Town (KSL)

(click to enlarge)
Originally posted here

Molotov: Wife caught him staring at the lights....
Sledge: Maybe she was annoyed at his constantly changing bulbs that weren't burned out
Molotov: They don't look flushmount to me, either.... more like 34c
Stankyleg: "Hey Honey, did you hear that Home Depot picked up a sponsor kind of like the Martha Stewart line? This one is called the Juggs Judy Collection..."
Molotov: It looks like it must have been cold when they took the picture

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


David Thorne is inspiring (

Maddox is also inspiring (